Simple skill of creating a large eye with false eyelashes

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false eyelashes


Today I will bring you how to draw the eyelashes can be more warped,(click here view more about 3D mink lashes here ) is it very excited?then hurry up,Let’s learn eyelash makeup skills slightly!

1.First of all, with the eyelash curler curling the upper eyelash curler, eyelash curler to choose their own so as to be able to clip enough type.

2.Then use mascara brush eyelashes, brush eyelashes have to be careful point, in terms of beginner's crush can not choose what those very Alice mascara like, practice practice painting.

3.Remove the false eyelashes, apply special glue to the roots of false eyelashes

4.The false eyelashes posted along the roots of eyelashes, posted from the eye to the end of the eye, do not paste.

5.Fix the false eyelashes with tweezers until the glue dries.

6.Then brush mascara, so true and false eyelashes together

7.Eyeliner coated with eyeliner evenly in the lash gap


Bottom eyelash episode

  1. Cut false eyelashes in the middle, cut in half, do not need to be too long.
  2. Clamp the eyelashes with tweezers and apply glue to the roots of the false eyelashes
  3. Paste false eyelashes in the lower corner of the eye after the end of the eye
  4. bushtrue and false eyelashes withmascara,(For more information on how to chose a good 3d mink lashes wholesale, visit, which is the good supplier)


Perfect big eye makeup complete!


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The significance of hot-dip galvanized steel coil

The significance of hot-dip galvanized steel coil

Cold-formed thin-walled steel has been generally used black material, after cold-rolled through a simple rust coating process go into service, and its service life is subject to certain restrictions (usually in about 5 years there will be a large area of rust). The company introduced to the market galvanized steel coil,based on hot-rolled strip, pickling, cold-rolled, heating and reduction, galvanized and other processes produced, and its products can reach the standard GB510018-2002 " technical specifications Cold-formed thin-walled steel structure," is mostly used in the construction industry , but also in the automotive, railway locomotive manufacturing, warehouse board manufacturing, highway guardrail and other industries.

Galvanized hydrogen reduction is invented in 1937, hydrogen reduction method of hot-dip galvanizing laid the basis for a modern continuous hot-dip galvanizing.Production by technology Hydrogen reduction method, the appearance of quality, bonding of zinc layer are better than the solvent method of galvanizing. Galvanized Reduction method in steel strip after pickling into the heating reduction furnace, with hydrogen after restoring produce oxide film  , and in pickling and heating reduction process to produce a layer of sponge-like steel surface layer, into the zinc pot can produce a layer of zinc-iron alloy layer with good bonding strength and uniformity, which greatly increases the adhesion of the zinc layer, which also determines the high energy consumption cost of the zinc plating method.

Galvanized solvent method Ammonium chloride was invented in 1837. The product by technology solvent method Ammonium chloride , due to the Galvanized solvent method Ammonium chloride without heating reduction process, the appearance of the quality and galvanized surface adhesion is worse than Galvanized Hydrogen reduction method . This also determines the cost of energy consumption of its zinc plating method lower than galvanized  hydrogen reduction .

三、  galvanized amount of Galvanized steel coil  sheet is generally 180-220g / ㎡, in the wet southern region can increase the amount of galvanized to 275g / ㎡ to improve the life of steel components. The life of galvanized products is generally 20-25 years.

四、  characteristics Zinc layer of galvanized steel
Electro-galvanized layer can not form zinc spangle, hot-dip galvanized layer has  zinc spangle, the formation process is as follows:When the galvanized strip comes out from the zinc pot, a large amount of zinc liquid is blown back to the zinc pot by blowing of air knife. At this moment, there is still pure zinc layer on the surface of the steel strip, which is attached to the surface of the steel sheet by  the liquid state to form a large amount of crystals on the surface of steel sheet , with the steel sheet cooling up, so that the crystalline nuclei slowly grow into zinc spangle.The faster the cooling rate, the smaller the zinc spangle, the slower the cooling rate, the greater the zinc spangle.

Zero spangle galvanized sheet:

In fact, Zinc spangle has only ornamental value, no practical value, on the contrary in the anti-corrosion is not good, in developed countries have implemented small zinc spangle and  zero spangle galvanized steel sheet.

Basic knowledge of alzuinc steel coil

 Basic knowledge of alzuinc steel coil

 The basic knowledge of alzuinc steel coil and   strip; First, the advantages of hot dip galvanized sheet; hot dip galvanized and its alloys are the most common steel material, the most effective and most economical; galvanized steel sheet has the ideal corrosion, forming, Painting and other comprehensive performance ;  Hot dip galvanized layer electrochemical potential is more negative than the steel material , coating ; in abroad  hot dip galvanized steel is the most important application areas for construction, automotive, electrical appliances; Table 1 application examples of hot dip galvanized steel ; Third, galvanized grades and technical requirements; 1, nomenclature of galvanized steel and steel grades ; common grades DX51D + Z, DX52

一、 The advantages of alzuinc steel coil

alzuinc steel coil and its alloys is one of the most common, effective and economical weathering processes among steel materials.

alzuinc steel coil has the ideal corrosion, forming, painting and other comprehensive performance and low cost, good appearance, etc. Mainly used in construction, automotive and appliance industries.

 Electro-chemical potential of hot-dip galvanized layer is more negative than that of steel material, and the coating has excellent electrochemical protection. Thicker Coated and dense coating and the better steel substrate combination of strong durability , zinc coating 600g / m2 alzuinc steel coil life of up to 30 years. Layer of Hot-dip galvanized steel in the process without maintenance, hot-dip process is simple, strong adaptability to the shape and size of steel, in addition to strip steel, hot-dip coating process is also widely used in steel pipe, steel wire and structural components, and high productivity. Galvanized layers are economically competitive with other protective coatings, especially for long-term use of parts, and hot dip galvanized coatings are far less expensive than paint coatings.  

Grades and technical requirements Galvanized

Grades and technical requirements Galvanized
1、 Nomenclature grades of Galvanized steel sheet and steel strip
Common brands DX51D + Z, DX52D + Z, DC51D + Z, DC52D + Z, S350GD + Z and so on. Grades of Galvanized steel sheet or steel strip consists of five parts: the product usage code, steel grade code, Characteristics of steel , hot-dip galvanizing code (D), +, zinc coating class code , the Named Methods of details  brand  as follows:
A) Galvanized sheet using Cold forming :
For example: DX51D + Z (or ZF \ AZ), DC51D + Z (or ZF AZ), DD52D + Z (or ZF AZ) DX: The first letter D is flat steel for cold forming, the second letter If it is X, it means that the rolling state of the substrate is not defined; if the second letter is C, it means that the substrate is a cold-rolled ; if the second letter is D, it means that the substrate is a hot-rolled substrate;
51 ~ 57: two digits that the steel grade serial number; after two digits D is hot-dip galvanized code;
Z indicates that the coating is pure zinc, ZF indicates galvanized iron alloy and AZ indicates aluminized zinc.
So: DX51D + Z says the product use for cold forming, flat steel, not specified substrate status, steel grade serial number 51, pure zinc coating, hot-dip products. B) Other galvanized grades naming example
Characteristics are not specified, D is hot-dip galvanized, and + Z is zinc-plated
HX340LAD + ZF: It is used for high-strength flat steel for cold forming. It does not specify the state of the substrate. The minimum yield strength is 340Mpa. The type of steel is high-strength low-alloy steel, zinc-iron alloy plating and hot-dip galvanized steel. HC340 / 590DPD + Z: that the product is used for cold forming, high strength flat steel, the provisions of the substrate for the cold-rolled substrate, the minimum yield strength value of 340Mpa, provides the minimum tensile strength of 590Mpa, steel type duplex steel, Pure zinc plating hot-dip products.
2 Steel grades Galvanized steel sheet and steel strip in Table 2
Table 2 common used brands and characteristics of galvanized sheet
3 Code of Surface Quality Normal Grade Surfaces FA Higher Surfaces FB Advanced Surfaces
4 Coating types, coating surface structure, surface treatment code in Table 3
5 Size, shape and tolerance of Galvanized steel coils and strip.
(1) Nominal size range of galvanized steel sheet and strip is shown in Table 4-1
(2) Size tolerances of Galvanized steel sheet and steel strip
For the steel sheet and strip with the specified minimum yield strength of not less than 260 MPa and less than 360 MPa and grades DX51D + Z (ZF) and S550GD + Z (ZF) of the steel plates and strips , the thickness deviation is in accordance with Table 4-2
6 Recommended Galvanized weight and The corresponding coating code of Steel and steel sheet in Table 5
7 Surface treatment(1)(C5)Chromic acid passivation (C) and chromic acid-free passivation (C5)
The surface treatment can reduce the white rust on the surface of the product during transportation and storage, During Chromium-free passivation treatment should limit the passivation film squadron human health harmful hexavalent chromium components;
(2) Chromic Acid Passivation + Oiled (CO) and Chromium-Free Passivated + Oiled (CO5) This surface treatment further reduces the generation of white rust on the surface of the product during shipping and storage.
(3) (PO)Phosphating (P) and phosphating + oiling (PO)
This surface treatment reduces the generation of white rust on the surface during transport and storage of the product and improves the formability of the steel sheet.
(4) Fingerprint resistant film (AF) and chromium free fingerprinted film (AF5)
Surface treatment can reduce the surface white rust during transport and storage, chromium-free passivation should be restricted passivation film Squadron human harmful hexavalent chromium composition.
(5) Oiling treatment (O)
Reduce white rust during the storage and transportation ,The anti-rust oil is generally not used as a follow-up processing rolling oil and stamping lubricants
(6) No treatment (U)
When ordering, it must be stated in the contract. In this case, the surface of steel sheet and steel strip will be more easily to form white rust and black spots on the surface during transportation and storage. Users should be cautious in the selection.
四、Classification of Galvanized sheet
1 Classification as galvanized substrate (1) galvanized carbon steel
Continuous aluzinc steel coil mostly use mild steel, the carbon content of 0.10% -0.20%, galvanized features and industrial pure iron is very similar. In the ordinary low-carbon steel as a substrate for hot-dip galvanizing, the composition of the most influential elements are carbon and silicon. In general, the higher the carbon content in the steel, the stronger the zinc-iron reaction, the greater the iron loss, and the thicker the resulting alloy coating, making the coating brittle, poor plasticity, poor adhesion of the coating. In addition, the high carbon content of steel will also affect the surface quality of the coating, often with missing plating point, but also easy to form zinc tumor.
With the development of the automotive industry, more and more requirements are put forward on cold forming properties such as deep drawing of general carbon steel. The carbon content in the steel is expected to be as low as possible. For example, the carbon content of a stamping steel is generally less than 0.10%, and the commonly used carbon The content of carbon is not more than 0.04% (such as K08Al), while the content of ultra-deep-drawn steel (such as interstitial-free IF steel) is up to 0.005%.
(2) High-strength Prepainted steel coil In order to meet the needs of the automobile manufacturing industry such as weight reduction, energy conservation and safety, one of the major users of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, the hot-dip galvanized steel sheets for automobiles, which are based on high-strength steel sheets, have been rapidly developed. At present,in abroad have developed or are being developed high strength steel IF high strength steel, bake hardened steel, low alloy high strength steel, dual phase steel and phase change induced plastic, carbon and manganese high strength steel, martensitic steel, The achievable intensity levels are shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 Relationshi betweenyield strength and elongation of All types of high-strength steel.
IF without gap atomic deep drawing steel; IS isotropic steel ;Mild mild steel; BH bake hardened steel; CMn carbon manganese high strength steel ;HSLA high strength low alloy steel ;DP duplex steel ;CP complex steel ;TRIP phase Variable induction plastic steel; MART martensitic steel
2 Classification according to the coating (1) the classification according to of zinc spangle A Galvalume steel coil with large zinc spangle.
This is one of the most original production of galvanized steel, as we all know, zinc ore and lead ore total symbiosis, in the smelting of zinc, it is impossible to remove all lead impurities, the content of 0.05% or more can be formed large zinc spangle.
Each zinc spangle, the crystallization center is raised, the edge is concave, the surface is uneven appearance, which is not conducive to its subsequent processing and coating. In addition, due to the low amount of lead in zinc solid solution, it will be precipitated in the grain boundary when cooling, resulting in stress and electrochemical corrosion at the grain boundaries, galvanic intergranular corrosion, reducing its corrosion resistance. Therefore, in recent years, people have gradually got to know it. The galvanized sheet with large zinc spangle will be gradually eliminated.